I have created & run my own events and tech businesses but have also experienced working in the corporate rat-race, so whichever applies to you, I understand how it feels to constantly be in a state of stress (even if it's the good, proactive kind) and to have no time to set personal goals, let alone achieve them.

This can result in eating, drinking, sleeping and even thinking badly. This will leave you feeling permanently exhausted, emotional and not yourself, which in turn takes its tole on your health, relationships, career and overall levels of happiness, confidence and fulfilment.

The good news is that there are some surprisingly simple lifestyle changes - physical, nutritional and emotional - which will make a massive difference to how you feel and what you are able to achieve. I know this because I have seen the results not only in my own life but in the lives of all of my clients over the 10 years I have been a Coach.

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At the beginning of 2018, I felt a loss of momentum in my career and despite regular trips to the gym, my fitness and motivation were suffering. I wasn’t sure if the issue was stress, diet, age, medical or something else but it was worrying me, so I decide to seek Charly’s help with this and would characterise the experience thus:

1) We talked about all aspects of life not just my immediate problem and I felt the conversation was explored in a truly ‘holistic’ way without feeling intrusive.

2) Charly has extensive knowledge across a broad spectrum of wellness - diet, digestion, exercise, relaxation as well as emotional health and we explored all areas of my health, which was eye opening & extremely helpful.

3) Charly’s suggestions were very practical in nature, which suited my personality and I can clearly point to the outcomes and the value I got from the experience.

Working with Charly allowed me to change my habits and perspective in a very practical way & I have had results which I would honestly describe as life-changing.

— Executive Director - Quilter Plc
One-to-one sessions with Charly have been really beneficial for me. Firstly, Charly is really easy to talk to, I was able to open up about really personal matters, as I immediately felt at ease and like I could really trust her.

She has given me some incredible pieces of advice. I’m currently following some of her techniques, daily habits and mindset strategies and they are helping me to have a fresh perspective on my current situation and manage many areas of my life so much better.

Charly has successfully helped me to give up smoking(!!) by helping me to understand the blockers, which held me back from achieving this for so many years.

I am doing the 6 month programme and so far have spent an hour with Charly every 2 weeks for the past 4 months and I can see a considerable improvement in my life.

Charly is confident that I won’t need to see her again on completing the programme, which is great but also a little sad for me because whenever I leave a session with Charly I feel empowered, like I can do anything.

She is helping me on what to prioritise to feel more fulfilled by focussing on my ‘why’ for doing things and I am achieving so much more as a result. Even more importantly, I feel happier & stronger than ever.

I feel so grateful to have Charly as my Coach.
— Loren - UX Designer
Charly is a breath of fresh air and an absolute inspiration. She instantly helped me to be able to focus on my goals and create a clear and structured plan around them. We worked on my mindset and she helped me to get past limiting beliefs and focus on the WHY behind my goals and helped me with creating the right steps and forming the right habits to be able to achieve them.

She brings such a positive energy to the sessions that it would be impossible not to feel motivated by her.

— Manager - BlackRock Inc
Charly helped me to focus on the ‘why’ behind each of my struggles and goals rather than the ‘how’. I now realise that willpower can achieve short-term wins but ‘whypower’ creates lasting and fulfilling change.

Coaching with Charly has truly transformed my life.
— Founder & CEO - Financial Services

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