About Charly

I am Charly (with a 'y') & I am entirely obsessed with wellness and personal development. I am fascinated by humans and how we work and love nothing more than constantly learning and growing by finding ways to try and become the best version of myself. 

I continuously study 'wellness' (physical, nutritional & emotional) and passionately share everything I learn with anyone who will listen. I feel empowered by being able to help myself and feel fulfilled by helping others, so coaching was an obvious career path for me.  

I started out in the corporate world, but realised it was not the right fit when I was told I needed to be "less pink and more grey" in order to fit in. I then became a matchmaker…yes an actual headhunter and introducer of eligible single people…and started my coaching career after initially training as a dating and relationship coach to add value to my clients' matchmaking membership. 

From there I created my own private online members club and events company called Euphoria and more recently founded a tech startup called WHERE - an app to (rather ironically) help users spend more time offline by finding exciting social and sporty activities and events to enjoy with real humans in the real world. 

I have continued to 'Coach' (despite having always been uncomfortable with the term itself) for over a decade and have genuinely never experienced anything that makes me feel so happy and fulfilled. 

My extensive personal development and wellness research has lead me to realise that making any positive change in our lives comes down to asking one very import question... 'WHY?' (No points for guessing correctly). 

Humans have the ability to achieve practically any life goal we put our minds to (health, relationships, career etc) as long as we have a strong enough personal WHY for doing so and the right action steps and support along the way. 

It is in the realising your personal 'why' for wanting to turn your issues into goals and your goals into achievements, that you will make progress because whypower is far stronger than willpower.

Willpower changes your actions for a while, but whypower changes your mind forever. 

I have personally experienced what it's like to work in the corporate rat-race and to create and run my own businesses, so I completely understand how it feels to constantly be in a state of stress - even if it's the good, proactive kind and to have no time to set, let alone achieve personal goals.

This can result in eating, drinking, sleeping and even thinking badly. This will leave you feeling permanently exhausted, emotional and not yourself, which in turn takes its tole on your health, relationships, career and overall levels of happiness, confidence and fulfilment.

The good news is that there are some surprisingly simple lifestyle changes - physical, nutritional and emotional - which will make a massive difference to how you feel and what you are able to achieve. I know this because I have seen the results not only in my own life but in the lives of all of my clients over the 10 years I have been a Coach.