5 Ways to Feel Fulfilled at Work

Know your big purpose. What is your WHY?? Pay attention to how you’re changing your customer’s lives.

In order to experience the flow state at work you have to set yourself a challenge that’s slightly above your skill level (4% according to the scientists). Attempt something that is slightly beyond what you know right now in order to push yourself to keep growing.  We are in flow when we are challenged and growing.

3.Risk Taking
Ensure that you set a goal for the year that you know you have a 50% chance of failing at. Unless we are taking a risk we are not aiming high enough. If you don’t take risks you are sitting in your comfort zone and will never fulfil your potential.

Constantly work towards developing your skill set and introducing new skills, in order to become an even better version of yourself. Study something. Teach others what you are learning.

Perseverance! There are going to be hurdles. Overcome these by practicing gratitude. Every morning before you start your day, think of things in your life that you are grateful for and better still, share them with your friends or team. Gratitude is the fuel for grit. 

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