WHY High Performance Coaching will Transform Your Life

I have been a Coach for over 10 years and know how to help you to reach higher levels of potential and performance; to feel happier, more confident and more enthusiastic about life.

I have worked with entrepreneurs, executives, actors, and every day strivers who hired me as their High Performance Coach in order to help them improve their lives and reach new levels of potential and performance.

High Performance coaches don’t just repeatedly ask their clients, “So, how’s it going? What should we work on today? What are your goals, and where are you stuck?” If that’s what you think coaching is, then you’ve been blindsided by stereotypes or never been exposed to elite-level coaching.

I will help you to become clear on what you really want to achieve and WHY, while supporting you in changing habits and behaviours that have been holding you back from achieving your full potential and living your best life.

Please reach out to me at charly@wellnesswithawhy.com if you wish to book a complimentary introductory session with me.

What is “High Performance Coaching”?

Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach, defines it as “succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term.”

To coach someone to high performance in their life means to help them go further than they have before—beyond the norm of their typical results and life experience—and then to help them understand how to continuously grow and succeed.

Brendon adds, “Besides that textbook definition, high performance is really a flow and a feeling. It’s the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self. That’s the three senses of high performance: engagement, joy and confidence.”

What does a High Performance Coach actually do? 

I help clients reach high performance in six main areas of life—psychology, physiology, productivity, people, purpose, and presence.

This is an important distinction. My approach is a holistic one—far more encompassing than just helping you reach one specific goal like a standard accountability coach might.

People don’t want to just hit a small set of goals anymore. They want total life transformation and alignment. They want to know they’re just as high performing at home as at work.

I deliver coaching through a series of 60 minute sessions, delivered either one-on-one in person or on the phone, or in groups via webinars or meetups. I have been trained at the highest level to ask penetrating questions and deliver emotionally engaging sessions that help clients discover deep insights and have major breakthroughs. I follow a proven plan to help you accelerate your growth.


How can I help you to transform your life?

Coaching programs fail if they assume the client is always excited to talk, full of new updates, truthful about their challenges, patient with their coach, and open to all alternative views.

You can rely on me to direct you toward new habits and growth in every single session; even if you failed to take action or fell off the wagon the previous week.

I use a system for exploring important issues and finding new points of growth. I will guide you through a set of questions and offer tools to deliver breakthroughs and consistent high performance in all areas of your life.

I use a set of specific questions and a process, which is followed in each unique session to help you get clear on what you need to work on. Each session also has a training component, where I teach you a new habit, tool or concept that furthers your education and growth in that area.

In short, we will work together to create a roadmap for progress that allows you to consistently feel that each session is adding value and advancing you in your life, no matter your goal.


The outcome I strive for, beyond helping you to achieve your existing goals, is to help you reach higher performance in all areas of your life and to feel that the process was truly ‘life changing’.

This is why I enjoy my career so much—it is such an honour to help people to feel happier, healthier and more confident so they can live a peaceful, fulfilled and purposeful life. I hope you allow me the opportunity to support you towards becoming the best version of yourself this year. 

Please email charly@wellnesswithawhy.com to book your complimentary 50 minute introductory session with me to discover how I could support you.

I guarantee you will find the introductory session extremely valuable even if you are not yet ready to commit to one of my coaching programmes.

I hope to meet you soon!

Charly (with a WHY)