Proactivity Slays Anxiety

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the perfect time to discuss something that is very personal to me and to many of my clients:


One of the best ways to slay Anxiety is to first take and deep breath and then take action! Do something immediately, which supports your personal development. Buy a book, listen to a podcast, write in your journal, sign onto a course or better still… book a session with me!

Anxiety is caused by a fear of the future, which is heightened by the failure to set clear goals, partnered with a lack of support and accountability while trying to achieve your potential.

Working with me (or any Coach with a proven track record of success) will allow you to become clear about what you want and WHY you want it and will help you to understand what you’re afraid of and the limiting beliefs or obstacles which are holding you back.

Having a Coach by your side will allow you to be supported and held accountable while you create and action healthier emotional and physical habits, behaviours and thought patterns. You will ultimately feel more motivated, capable and confident… feelings which are kryptonite to Anxiety and felling ‘lost’.
It is during this personal development process that the magic happens and you will start to grow into the best version of yourself.

Contact me for a complimentary 50 minute introduction session: and I look forward to helping you slay Anxiety and take back control of your destiny.

Charly With A WHY x

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